Adult Counselling

Individual counselling for adults 24 years of age and up who are affected by mental illness, stress or other problems in daily living.

Youth Counselling

Individual counselling for youth under 24 years of age, focusing on providing practical support to assist you.

Children Exposed to Violence (CEV)

Therapeutic group and individual counselling for children and youth who have experienced violence in their life.

Triple P Parenting

An evidenced-based program for caregivers of children 0-12 years of age delivered individually, in groups or online.

In-Home Family Support

In-home family support and education to increase knowledge of healthy parenting practices.

Domestic Violence Services

Immediate access to safe supports and services for those experiencing or at risk of experiencing interpersonal violence.

Crisis Intervention Services

Immediate and short term care for individuals who are experiencing crisis due to an event that has happened and need immediate support in order to remain safe.

Rapid Access Counselling Clinics

Adults and youth have access to remote or in person counselling when they need it anywhere in Saskatchewan with no waitlists.

Group Programs

We offer targeted group throughout the year based on the needs of our clients. See what programs are available today.

Humboldt Family Resources Centre

The Humboldt Family Resource Centre is a community-led initiative focused on serving children 0-5 years of age and their caregivers.